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aur dosto is website ma apko trending topic ka bara ma janna ko milaga yeani, app na to dakha hi hoga ki har din google ma yea fir youtube ma koi niya niya topic trend ma ata hua, aur usko jab app dund na jata ho yea fir uska bara ma detail pata karna jata ho to apka bouat sara time barbad hota ha to uska upor hi dosto yea website ha , is website apko jo vi topic trending ma ata ha uska bara apko pura information mill jiyaga.


Tu dost aap logon ko to pata hi hoga ki oneplus na launch kar Diya hai apna new flagship smartphone. Jo ki hai oneplus ke taraf se aane wala oneplus 7 and oneplus 7 Pro. Aur dost aap YouTube mein Google mein chale jate Ho tu sab jagah iski tarif sunne Ko milta hai aapko. Lekin dosto kya aapko pata hai iske se bahut se feature ha, jiske bare mein koi baat nahin kar raha hai.

Aur doston app oneplus ke is features ko aap cons bhi kaha sakta ho. Matlab doston agar aap oneplus 7 ya phir oneplus 7 Pro lene ke bare mein soch rahe ho, to Dosto Is post co Dhyan se Paria hai. Kyunki dost ho sakta hai aap is post ko padhne ke bad, aapka oneplus lene ke bare mein vichar badal jaye. Tu chahiye tu usse baat karte hain oneplus 7 Pro k kuch pros and cons ke bare mein.

Oneplus 7 Pro pros

1. ab tu baat kare sabse pehla oneplus 7 Pro ka pros ke bare mein. Doston humko iska display bahut jyada pasand aaya, kyunki Dosto aapko is main full bezel less design dekhne Ko milta hai. Aur uske sath aapko is display mein 90HZ ka refresh rate kitne ka milta hai. Jiske wajah se aapka gaming experience bahut accha hone wala hai.

2. Ab dusre pros ki baat kare oneplus 7 Pro ke bare mein. Dosto Ishq Ka look aur finishing humko bahut jyada pasand aaya hai. Aur iska colour bahut jyada unique hai. Aur Dosto ye dekhne mein bahut jyada unik, aur premium phone lagta hai ekdum classic design ke sath. Aur tu sach mein one plus 7 Pro bahut attractive phone hai.

3. Ab Dosto oneplus 7 Pro ke bare mein Teesri pros ki baat kare to. Dost jaise ki aap ko pata hai oneplus 7 Pro ek premium great ka phone hai. To doston oneplus 7 Pro main aapko premium Kisham ka Har ek features dekhne Ko milta hai. Jaise ki Snapdragon 855 liquid cooling technology, fast charging actually super fast charging, full bezel less design, in display fingerprint scanner and many more.

bus dosto yahan pe ja ke khatam ho jata hai, lekin iski Kaun ki baat kare to bahut jyada hai. Chaliye discuss karte hain oneplus 7 Pro k cons ca upar.

Oneplus 7 Pro cons

1. Dosto sabse pehle Jo cons lagta hai oneplus 7 Pro ka upor humko. Dosto aapko ek sawal puchte Hain, agar aapke haath mein taklif hoga to aap kya karoge. Obviously baat hai ki aap usko thik karne ki koshish karoge. Matlab hai ki ki aap uske liye doctor dikhaoge medicine logo usko thik karne ki koshish karoge. Lekin aap aap use takleef mein Aakar use hath ko khate nahin aaoge Na.


Lekin doston oneplus 7 Pro ne kuch Aisa Kiya hai. Jaise ki aapko pata tha oneplus ke phone mein headphone jack mein takleef hota tha. Matlab bahut jyada nahi jata tha uske headphone jack mein kuch problem tha. Lekin unhone usko solve karne ki vajah usko hata Diya hai. Aap logo ko kya Sahi lagta hai humko neeche comment par batana.

2. Ab dosto dusra Jo humko oneplus 7 pro ka cons sa laga vho hai. Aapne to dekha hoga ki oneplus 7 Pro full bezel-less design ke sath aata hai. To uske liye ye UN ko front camera ko shift karna pada hai, upar ke taraf as a pop up selfie camera. Lekin doston ya motor mechanism ke upar bass karke aata hai, tu ja Kitna durable hoga to aapko pata chalega use karne ke bad bhi.

Aur doston is pop up selfie camera ke andar kuch aur problem aata hai. Jaise ki aap aap jitna bar app isko selfie ke liye bahar nikal te Ho. Itna baat bahar ke Mausam ke hisab se, kuch dhul kuch paane selfie camera mein lag jata hai.  Aur aise baar baar karne par aapke handset ke andar yaha kachra chala jata hai. Aur jiske liye aapka handset kharab ho sakta hai.

3. Abhi Dosto oneplus 7 Pro ka sabse bada Jo cons humko lagta hai vho hai. Shayad Dosto aap ko pata hoga jab oneplus India mein aaya tha, 1 word ka tag sang mein lekar aaya tha. Jisko kaha jata tha flagship killer device, matlab flagship specification bahut kam price mein. Lekin dost abhi aapne God Kiya hoga aisi koi baat nahin nahin Abhi. Abhi dosto jitna din ja raha hai oneplus Apne devices ka dam badhti ja rahi hai.

Aur Dosto aapne God Kiya hoga abhi oneplus ka focus flagship killer nahi, flagship device banane mein hai. Tu Mera hisab se oneplus 7 Pro bilkul wastage of money device. Agar aap sirf oneplus brand ke liye paisa dena chahte ho to go for it. Nahin tu agar aap value for money phone chahte ho to uske liye kuch din ruk jao redmi Aur Poco apna flagship phone nikalne Wale hai.

aur dosto aur vhi achhi tarika sa janna kaliya yea video pura dakhiya

Aur doston aapko yeah post kaisa laga hua hai neeche comment par jarur bataiye. Aur agar accha laga hua hai To Apne doston ko bhi share karke jarur bataiye.

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Aur doston aap Ko Bata de ki ham is website mein, daily basis par post upload karte rehte Hain two notification Bell ko allow jarur kar lijiye.


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