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Donald Trump Urged To Suspend H-1B Visa Program After Job Loss Amid COVID-19 Layoffs


US President Donald Trump has been urged to droop the H-1B visa programme for 2020 (File)


A US physique representing American know-how staff has urged President Donald Trump to droop for this 12 months the H-1B visa programme, essentially the most sought-after among the many Indian IT professionals, to guard their pursuits amidst the large layoffs within the nation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that enables US corporations to make use of overseas staff in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical experience.

Companies rely upon it to rent tens of hundreds of workers annually from nations like India and China.

US Tech Workers, a non-profit organisation which describes itself as representing the voices of American staff harmed by the H-1B visa programme, in its letter to Donald Trump additionally urged him to droop the H-2B visa programmes for the overseas visitor staff too.

“We have written a letter asking that the H-1B & H-2B visa programme be suspended for this year due to the economic fallout from the coronavirus. Letters have been sent to the office of the President, to his Chief of Staff, & to all members of congress,” the organisation stated.

H-2B visas are largely for overseas farm staff. US companies rent folks from Latin American nations.

“With the historical displacement of workers, compounded by the current crisis, it is very concerning that the Department of Homeland Security is working to accelerate the delivery of H-1B and H2-B workers to the United States. We ask that you stand up for the productive class of this country and protect the interest of American workers,” the letter stated.

According to some studies, the Department of Labour could be taking a look at 50-70 million unemployed Americans by the top of April.

Last Thursday, unemployment claims ramped to a few tens of millions, shattering the document excessive of 695,000 in October 1982, the letter identified.

“We urge you to pause the H-1B visa programme that would bring in 85,000 workers this year and suspend the recently approved addition of 35,000 workers for the H-2B visa. Overall the importation of workers should be undertaken with great caution during this period of tremendous uncertainty,” the letter stated.

“Battling both a pandemic and the resulting fallout to our economy from the coronavirus is no time to approve employment visas for more foreign workers,” wrote US Tech Workers within the letter to President Trump.



Economic consultants worry large layoffs in varied sectors of the American economic system because of the present financial misery that’s solely going to deteriorate within the coming months.

A document 3.Three million Americans have filed preliminary jobless claims for the week ending March 21.

Even as the height of coronavirus within the US is 2 weeks away, tens of millions of individuals within the nation have misplaced their jobs.

According to an estimate, some 47 million folks might be rendered unemployed.

Meanwhile, a report launched by the CATO Institute think-tank, stated that greater than 200,000 petitions filed for Indians might “die of old age” earlier than they obtain inexperienced playing cards. This is principally due to the projections in response to which Indian know-how staff must wait for many years to obtain everlasting authorized residency or a Green Card.

Based on the statistics obtained from the US authorities underneath the Freedom of Information Act, which has similarities to India’s Right to Information, the institute stated that for the primary time, the US authorities has authorised greater than 1 million petitions for staff, traders, and their households who can not obtain authorized everlasting residence solely because of the low inexperienced card caps.

The authorities is approving almost two petitions for the employment-based immigrants for each Green Card it’s issuing to them. At the present price of enhance, the backlog will exceed 2.Four million by 2030, it stated.

Skilled Indian staff make up 75 per cent of the employment-based backlog, and just lately backlogged Indian staff face an inconceivable wait of 9 many years if all of them might stay within the line, the CATO Institute stated.

A Green Card permits a non-US citizen to stay and work completely in America.
According to the estimates by the Johns Hopkins University, there are greater than 850,500 confirmed coronavirus circumstances on the planet, and over 41,000 deaths.

The US now has the very best variety of circumstances on the planet at 184,183 and greater than 4,000 deaths.


  1. Frankly Speaking, I worked in USA from 98 on H1B visa. I was hired from India in 2000 by American Healthcare Organization and relocated to USA promising greencard, permanent job in USA, as well as path to US Citizenship, lucrative job in USA etc. They gave 100-page booklet promising how they will help to buy houses, car, provide education for children etc. After approval of H1B I went to USA in 2000, worked there from 2000. As per HR directions, approval of loans, I purchased car (worth USD 25 k, paid USD 10k in interest), condo (worth USD 325k) by 2004. I also furnished home by bringing furniture from India as company provided relocation. Over a period of 5 yrs, upgraded the house.
    In 2002, I was promoted and moved to the IT Infra Department and given the responsibility of administering the infra supporting applications for 10+ Systems, provided User Access COntrol, Release Management, User Support etc.
    What Happened Next ??
    New CIO Mr. Cliff Dodd came in 2003, announced outsourcing to TCS, told that our jobs will not be cut, after giving that assurance, these TCS workers came to my desk, got the knowledge transfer, many times came in my car, for lunch to develop rapport etc. I treated them as brothers.
    What happened next ??
    After the knowledge Transfer completed in 2006, these TCS guys gave low rating and Kaiser did not extend H1B nor got our green card. With out giving compensation, they terminated our service and also took our house, car and all our earnings.
    Is this not Cheating ?? Is it not violation of Employment Contract ??
    After coming to India also, this TCS folks are setting up shell companies, hiring us on the pretext of sending to USA on H1B, collecting all the documents during H1B time, with out filing H1B, once the H1B filing period over, they are laying off employees with out giving reason. This is again a major, major mistake.
    TCS eating everyone’s lunch in USA as well as India by using unscrupulous means. Thousands of permanent employees in USA are getting laid off. Every has done a BE and many are better qualified than TCS COnsultants. However by offering low rates, doing a variety of gimmicks, TCS is affecting the IT world everywhere.

    US Government needs to identify the employees in Kaiser Employment IT Los Angeles (Both Annandale Building,Parsons Building, any other building I do not know) who are laid off due to outsourcing to TCS workers who came to USA on H1B, relocate and rehire them back to USA and cancel these TCS consultants H1B visa. This is my honest opinion. Every one has done Engineering. There must be value to that and there must be value to seniority. TCS can not and will not be able to dictate, change the order in the IT Industry. That is Government’s responsibility. This year no one has filed for my H1B. If you cancel every one’s H1B and send them back to India, I have no objection. First you give me my H1B, Greencard, take me back to USA, my job at Kaiser Permanente IT back, then you do whatever you want with your H1B policy, I am not concerned


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